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Keep watching this space as we will continue adding many more fascinating visits and experiences that showcase our local art and culture. India Adventure Curry will provide glimpses into the beautiful co-existence of traditional and contemporary lifestyles and highlight the tireless efforts of curators working toward keeping keep our ancient art, tradition and culture alive!

 A preview of what we will soon offer…

 Visit to a Talim: We are making efforts to include visits to a traditional wrestling talim where one can see the mud wrestling enclosures and also witness malkhamb.

Talims are traditional wrestling schools, established mostly in the pre-independence era. Of the over 70 talims of Pune city only about 10 to 15 are still functional. Pune used to boast of many wrestlers but the numbers have steadily declined and many of the talims face closure due to paucity of funds. Malkhamb is the ancient form of Indian gymnastics where the gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope.

 Lezim show: We also plan to include Lezim shows. Lezim is a folk dance form, from the state of Maharashtra. The dancers carry a small musical instrument with jingling cymbals called the Lezim and the Dholki which is a drum instrument, is used for the percussion music. Dancers in colourful costumes frequently perform the dance as a fitness drill as it involves many calisthenic moves and can be quite strenuous.

Culinary experience: This includes a fun filled session where you learn to cook Indian food followed by a tasting session. And that’s not all ! We will dress you up in traditional dresses and the meal will be followed by a photo session to provide you with memories of  a great trip to India.


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