About us

India is vast and beautiful, welcoming and friendly, crazy and chaotic, quirky and unusual, peaceful and meditative and then so much more. However, travel in India can be quite challenging and sometimes overwhelming as well. It is also entirely possible that at the end of a long visit, one may have missed experiencing the most interesting facets of India such as cycling along the most picturesque Konkan beaches, trekking to the ancient forts in the Sahyadri ranges, sharing a meal with the villagers, experiencing a local fish auction at the beach, braving a two wheeler ride in the Indian traffic, walking through the little street bazaars and cooking your own Indian meal. And this is just a glimpse of all the unique experiences we have to offer.

Our tours focus on the state of Maharashtra because we believe that there is so much history, beauty and culture in this region that deserves to be showcased in all its glory.

We are great travel enthusiasts ourselves, who would love to welcome you into the local culture, so that you take back enjoyable and everlasting memories of your visit. We have been global professionals for over 25 years and our interactions with visitors have always highlighted their desire to see and experience the little known aspects of daily Indian life.

Having travelled worldwide, we completely understand the need for both safety and comfort during adventures into new countries with diverse cultures and intriguing customs. We therefore set up India Adventure Curry to provide tours which are a rich blend of adventure and culture, tours that promise to show you an India off the beaten track but in a safe and comfortable manner!

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